It’s Chocobo Ranch!

Based in a quiet location just outside Kalm in the Midgar region, Chocobo Ranch is your underground source for Final Fantasy VII news and tips.

Welcome to the Chocobo Ranch

Chocobo Ranch is one of several independent cells, working to support the people of Midgar. With close ties to Avalanche and the Sector 7 Night Watch, the people of Midgar and Junnon rely on Chocobo Ranch to keep informed and safe during these troubling times.

While Chocobo Ranch strives to offer free and open routes for communication and strategies, new users should be wary of increasingly frequent Shinra misinformation campaigns.

Planet-Wide Satellite Feed

Enjoy the most popular Twitch Live streams via the Planet-Wide Feed, right here on Chocobo Ranch.

Be aware that Chocobo Ranch has no control over the content of these feeds, please remain vigilant of Shinra misinformation campaigns.

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