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The debug room

By far one of the coolest FFVII secrets is the Debug Room. Debug rooms are often used by developers to navigate around large games and access and test items and character setups that otherwise wouldn’t be available. The FFVII debug room could be accessed using Action Replay or Gameshark codes, or by using a cheat device to save and reload during the Second half of the Kalm flashback scene.

Instead of a simple menu system, the developers put some work in to the debug room, using a series of 10 interconnected rooms, populated with the games characters. Entering and exiting rooms and speaking to characters allows the player to enter and exit towns, play video cutscenes, enable otherwise unplayable characters to join the party and much more.

Whether intentional or not, the Final Fantasy VII Debug Room is a pretty spooky place. Nothing is really explained and it takes a good amount of clicking and exploring to navigate. It’s worth checking out once you’ve completed the game.

1/35 soldier

You’ll receive an item called 1/35 soldier by completing the Fort Condor side quest. 1/35 soldier has been a source of confusion for years, often resulting in players turning to the internet for help with finding the other 34 of this seemingly useless item.

1/35 refers to the scale of the solider model, so before you set out to scour the world map for the other 34 soldiers you should know that there’s only one 1/35 soldier in the game, and it’s completely useless.


The tissue item is useless too.

Masamune Blade

Cool, but also completely useless.

Hold your Chocobos! If you haven’t played the original then you should stop reading here. Otherwise, read on!

Spoilers ahead!

If you haven’t played either the original or the remake, stop reading here, come back later.


Lucrecia is Sephiroth’s biological mother. We learn more about her as the story unfolds, but if you want to know more about her, there is an optional interaction in Lucrecia‘s Cave, an area in the centre of the Western Continent that you can access after you get the Highwind.

Enter Lucrecia‘s Cave with Vincent in your party and you’ll be treated to some optional dialogue that explains more about Vincent and Sephiroth.

What about Reeve?

Is Reeve good or bad? Does he have a change of heart? Can Cait Sith make decisions on his (its?) own? All these questions and more will remain unanswered after your first play through of the original game.

We’re now learning that Reeve is a complicated character who gets much more development in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and that the inner workings and politics of the Shinra Corporation aren’t so black and white. Both Reeve and Mayor Domino seem to care about the people of Midgar, hinting at more complex motivations than we’ve seen so far.

No, you can’t get her back

No amount of going back to the church, collecting the other 34 soldiers or praying to Holy will bring her back. 20 years ago the Aries resurrection rumour was the piece of video game lore; never seen or proven, but somehow there were 1001 ways that somebody else’s cousins brother had managed to do it.

We’ll save you the pain, you can’t bring her back. While there’s no legitimate way to bring her back, the Debug Room allows players to use both Sephiroth and Aries outside of the story, but things can get buggy the more you play.

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